We Will Create Your Business a Mobile App With a Powerful Brick-and-Mortar Proximity Smartphone Notification Platform

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We will develop a powerful mobile app for your business that will directly increase foot traffic and sales to your franchise and/or retail locations, storefronts, restaurants and more. This will give your marketing team complete control over ALL of your "in-store" smart phone notification campaigns and proximity beacon locations on one dashboard. 

With Proximity Marketing and Analytics Tracking Built Right In, Keeping Track of In-Store Marketing Campaigns For Multiple Stores Is A Breeze!

Custom Business App Development Has Never Been Easier! 

What makes this app so powerful in comparison to the apps other developers make?
 What makes your company so special?

The #1 Reason We're Different  is Because of Our Included Bluetooth Beacon Hardware, For Every One of Your Locations, That Will Emit A Bluetooth Signal To Every Nearby Smartphone or Tablet Device. You Control the messages, content, links and custom notifications you broadcast to your app "downloaders".


Anyone that has your app downloaded will receive smartphone notifications when they are nearby one of your locations or entering one of your stores either inviting them to come into your store with a sale and link or reminding them that your store is still there. You can link to landing pages, offer discounts, create coupons on certain days for all locations. After they leave and go home for the next 7 days, as long as they have your app on their phone you  can re-market to them while they are browsing the web and mobile apps via Google Display Network and our software. Our software allows you to create "marketing cards" for this purpose. That is why your Google and Facebook Ad accounts are so useful but not necessary. 


Developed For Both Android And/or iPhone iOS Platforms.



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How Does This Work?



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Step Two:  Create Interactive Campaigns With Valuable Discounts and Exclusive Offers Online and In Your Brick-and-Mortar Stores.

In each retail location we will provide various print products so you can promote your campaign with an attractive window poster at every location we are including in the campaign. This will let your customers know about the contests, giveaways, promotions and discounts. We can keep your app promotion simple with a window graphic explaining all of the benefits of downloading your app.

Step Three:  Gaining The Permission of The End User Through Your Company App or Third-Party Beacon App We Provide.

(The Google Nearby Platform Shutdown as of Jan 1st 2019)

The reason why Google shut down the Nearby notifications platform this year was because there were too many complaints of spam on the network and people abusing it. End users were getting notifications that they didn't agree to and couldn't stop if they wanted to. We have created a solution that is Google friendly and this allows us to continue in retail with our non evasive strategy. 

How Do You Gain Permission To Send Notifications And Advertisements to Your Customer's Smart phone? 

By offering freebies, giveaways, discounts and other valuable incentives to your customers, at every retail location you have, for downloading your branded company app (as long as it has our SDK installed). Exclusive discounts and other campaigns are a good motivator in the stores to get more customers to participate. 

Not everyone can afford to have their own retail app so we also offer 3rd party options for every level of retail.

What If My Company Doesn't Have An App?  
A solid 3rd party app we recommend is the nearby app. Compatible with  Android and iOS. 

This app (either your branded app or a third party app like NearBee) will allow you to gain permission from the end user (your customer) to send smartphone notifications, advertisements, discounts and other content as long as they keep the app on their phone. 

Step Four:  Engage With Users by Creating and Monitoring Campaigns on Our Platform.

You can even integrate your Google Ads campaigns and your Facebook Ads campaigns into our platform easily allowing you to get the most out your marketing efforts across the board. 


Software Platform Demo Below