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Bill Amodeo

CEO and Founder

"Bill Amodeo has been an incredible asset to the community by creating print poster advertising campaigns that promote healthy living, healthy eating, exercise, anti tobacco and nicotine initiatives and much more. He is continuing to make a difference locally with Health Departments in neighboring counties. He has also completed projects for United Way and other similar organizations. He believes in continuing to reach the country with professional print advertising that will make a positive impact. He has performed his advertising services across the country and is proud to stand for our flag. He supports our troops while also peacefully protesting police brutality."
- Mike Garcia (Website Admin)  

Mike Garcia

Web Admin and Graphics Coordinator

"Mike Garcia is a young passionate designer who joined the team to help manage the design department and also  manage the business website and blog."
- Bill Amodeo (Founder and CEO) 

Damian Garcia

Install Manager 

"Damian has a go-getter attitude and is an incredibly hard worker. It's not often you find someone willing to do what it takes to install the advertisements we sell. He manages a team of installers and is a great asset to All Star Media Solutions."
- Bill Amodeo (Founder and CEO)