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Outdoor Poster Advertising, Gas Station Advertising, Indoor Poster Advertising Are All Great Ways to Advertise In Florida.

We get you thousands of Impressions on each campaign we launch and install!

All Star Media Solutions Inc. | Miami's premiere advertising company specializing in storefront, gas station and convenience store advertising.

All Star Media Solutions specializes in the creation and placement of outdoor storefront and gas station posters. Our eye level storefront posters effectively reach and engage with your target audience in places where they live and shop every day.

Poster advertising is a non evasive form of art and advertising combined that can promote a cause locally, promote a cause regionally or promote a cause nationally. Not only can these posters promote a good cause they can also educate the public, promote a music festival, promote an event or even promote a new product. The possibilities are endless when it comes to poster advertising.

We partner with independent store owners and lease the most effective spots to place our client’s advertising message and design in neighborhoods across the country. Across your county or across your state. We are also able to target specific zip codes.

Where Will You Install My Poster Advertisements? 

Our one sheets measure 30" x 46" and are custom framed, installed and maintained throughout the campaign at convenience stores, grocery stores, liquor stores, dollar stores, check cashing stores, bakeries, gas stations as well as many other independently owned retail and service related outlets. Out-of-home, outdoor advertising is one of the oldest and proven ways to advertise. Making sure that your message is highly visible is a key factor in supporting community messaging. A community that is aware of your product or services is one that increases word of mouth promotion. Convenience store and gas station advertising is a great way to get your message noticed. Whether its community awareness or product information this is an effective and affordable way to get your message out to the public. Some of the communities we have targeted four our clients are: Urban Communities, Suburban Communities, Rural Communities, Low/Moderate Income Communities and also Specific Ethnic Communities  All Star Media Solutions Inc. uses the latest available tools in finding the correct demographics by zip code information provided by U.S. Census Bureau. Our programs can target any specific nationality, age or ethnic group, in a local, state or national advertising campaign. 

Here Are Some Examples of Our Work Below... 

When choosing locations to post these types of promotional advertisements we consider an array of statistics, campaign cause and target specific areas for maximum impact for your campaign effectiveness. We would love to help you with any questions you might have. Convenience store advertising.