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One Sheet Poster Advertisements

Outdoor Poster Advertising is an effective and affordable way to reach thousands of consumers where they live and shop daily. We can develop a strategic placement plan to maximize your reach to the desired target market.

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Gas Pump Advertisements

Our Gas Pump Topper Advertising offers an up close and eye level connection with the consumer. In the time it takes to pump their gas our posters and gas pump toppers are producing thousands of impressions daily.

Gas Topper Advertising Services Are Available In 999 Cities Across The United States For More Information Click Here.

Shopping Cart Advertisements

Our Shopping Cart Advertising captures the consumer's attention by providing a neighborhood level marketing approach that continues to impact the active shopping community throughout the duration of your campaign. 

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To promote & improve the health of all people in the United States through integrated state, county, & community awareness programs. 


We strive to have the States we work on become the healthiest States in the Nation through outdoor public messaging and awareness. 


Innovation, collaboration, accountability, responsiveness and excellence. 


All Star Media Solutions specializes in State approved one-sheet print messaging, mini billboards, gas station messaging, gas pump messaging, shopping cart messaging and more.

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