Gas Station Advertisements are available locally regionally and nationally!

We get you thousands of Impressions on each campaign we launch!

Gas Pump Topper Advertising is great for Advertising and Marketing Agencies to use as part of their media mix! All Star Media Solutions has a national network of convenience stores and gas stations throughout the US with coverage in every state, market type, and zip code. With gas stations on practically every street corner, anyone who drives needs fuel on a regular basis so that makes this high impression media. By reaching your consumer through this highly targeted and cost effective platform, gas pump-top advertising offers the ability to put your message directly in front of your audience for extended periods of time. The average time your message is in front of the consumer while they fill their vehicle is 5-8 minutes – that’s a long time for them to absorb your message. Gas pump-top “topper mini billboards” are the perfect cost effective media to reach your target audience for an extended period of time. They offer an up close and eye level connection with the consumer and can be targeted geographically. Numbers – There are roughly 140,000 gas stations in the United States, according to vendor estimates, and they average between 30,000 and 40,000 visits per month apiece, with most people averaging five visits per month. Demographics – Advertisers can target specific demographics based on the demographic profile of the gas station’s zip code. For example, a marketer looking to reach Hispanics can advertise at gas stations in Hispanic neighborhoods, while those looking for affluent audiences can target high-end neighborhoods.

Gas Pump Handle Advertisements are when we put advertising messages inside of a frame attached to the nozzle of a gas pump hose. Advertisers can literally put their message into the hands of their target audience.

Just like gas pump topper ads, advertisers can choose a specific geographic area, down to the zip code, of where they would like to target, or can be purchased in general market showings to reach a general audience. Target your audience in a clutter and distraction-free environment with a media that boasts a considerable dwell time and ad recall. This media is especially effective to advertise

brands that are sold inside the gas station convenience stores or have an on-the-road affiliation or theme. This form of advertising is highly effective, affordable and available in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes.

Advantages To Advertising At Gas Stations

Geographic Targeting – Target by any parameter of your choice – cities, counties, zip codes, neighborhoods, ethnicity etc.

Cost Effective – Low cost for both space & production

High Visibility – Eye level and in front of your target audience on average it takes 5-8 minutes to fill a gas tank. Perfect for them to digest your brand message

Captive Audience – One of life’s daily routines providing easy access to consumers

Consistency – A person stops an average of 5-7 times a month for gas

Lifestyle Habits – Consumers typically stop 1-2 miles from where they live and work making consumer profiling easier

Repeat Views – Sitting at eye-level on top of the gas pump, pump tops are viewed several times during the refueling process and during each visit for maximum impact and retention

Perfect Affordable Solution For Marketing Agencies Across the Nation…

Many marketing professionals have the opportunity to offer our professional services to their clients. This brings the option to offer a variety of media outlets for your projects. Break away from the boring traditional campaign packages you offer your clients and customize their campaign to their needs. We offer many services to accommodate your customers and work with marketing agencies on a daily basis. We would love to hear from you and combine creative efforts to make something great.

When looking for a gas station advertising company to spread the word about your campaign, it is important to find a smaller company and let me explain why… Larger companies have a larger overhead in the gas station advertising space. Meaning the cost of gas station  advertising nationally increases as the company’s providing the services grow. brings you the latest in gas station  advertising technologies and services. We are a small operation allowing us to bring incredible advertising services at unbelievable rock bottom national prices.

Not only do smaller companies also usually save you money but also have a heavier bond with the communities we post our advertisements in. Creating community awareness campaigns for years has allowed us to take part in local efforts to extend a helping hand to the hurting economically effected areas of the United States.

We believe in creating momentum through national regional or local  advertising so that whatever your advertisement or messaging needs are we meet and exceed those expectations. Marketing with gas station advertising is not a new trend. In fact it’s one of the oldest forms of promotion and advertising. To understand outdoor gas station advertising we must first look into why it was so successful for so many years and it’s really a simple answer.

Because it works!

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