Your Health Promotion Ads Are Placed On Premium Websites, With A Large Choice Of Formats.

All Web Design & Graphic Design Required To Complete This Service Will Be Included.

We Are Proximity Pros


Our Mission Is To Exceed Your Expectations & Broaden The Reach Of Your Public Health Campaigns.

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1. High-Quality, Engaged Traffic Directed To Your Most Important Health Resources

2. Wide Reach, With 1.5 Billion Monthly Viewers Worldwide Across All Of Our Partner Networks

3. A Native Advertising Solution To Promote Public Health Awareness And To Increase Access To Community Health Education And Prevention Information. 

4. Advanced Targeting Capabilities Allow Us To Reach The The Right People In Your Community At The Right Time.

High-Quality Health Promotion Placements

On Premium And Trusted Websites, With Non-Intrusive Formats.

10x Higher Community Engagement

Than Regular Ad Formats, Because We Target Your Visitors While They Are In Discovery Mode.

Flexible Ad Creatives & Autonomous Campaigns  

Using Video, Social, Or Content Ads, Or Even Providing Recent News About The Health Promotion Topic You Are Raising Awareness About.

1.5 Billion Unique Users Monthly Across Mobile & Desktop

22,000+ Premium Websites Worldwide

400 Billion Content Recommendations Each Month

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Let’s Get To The Details… 

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Proximity Pros LLC Is An All In One, Automated, Digital Health Promotion Service.

Think Of Us As “Google Ads” If Google Specialized In Public Health Promotion And If They Provided You With An Experienced Marketing Professional To Help You Build A Website And Launch A Digital Campaign Reaching Thousands Every Month.

What Makes Our Service Unique is that, Aside From Our Experience Working With Government Health Programs…

1.) We Create You A Landing Page Website With Your Logo, Graphics, Links, Important Resources, Videos And PDF Downloads. (Example Site Here)

2.) We Take This A Step Further And Promote And Advertise Your New Campaign Specific Website To Thousands Of New Online Visitors Every Month That Meet Your Predetermined Criteria:

We Target The Right Audience For Your Campaign:
Social Interests
The Time Of Day Your Ad Displays And Much More….

3.) Tracking The Progress Is Very Important! We Provide A Monthly Report With Clicks And Impressions To Study Your Campaign Performance.

Do You Have Health Resources That Need To Reach The Public?
Locally? Regionally? Or Even Nationally?

Resources Like:

Important Links To Public Health Tools
Prevention PDFs
Awareness Videos
Prevention Videos
Awareness PDFs & Health InfoGraphics
Health Statistics For A Community
Or Other Helpful Health Resources & Tools?

We Organize Your Resources And We Design You A Simple Website For This Exact Purpose, Promotion.

We Use This Site To Advertise And Reach The Communities Your Message Needs To Reach.

We Specialize In This Form Of Media Promotion And For The Last 8 Years We Have Worked On Public Health Specific Media Campaigns For Some Of Our States Largest Departments And Government Health Organizations.

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Previous Clients Include But Are Not Limited To:

The Department of Health

County & State Health Programs Associated With County Health Departments
* HIV Testing, Prevention & Awareness
* Covid-19 Testing, Prevention & Awareness
* Substance Abuse Prevention
* Overdose Awareness
* Human Trafficking Awareness & Prevention
* Hepatitis A Prevention
* WIC Programs
* Veteran Health Programs and many more.

Other clients include the Department of Law Enforcement, The Department of Medical Quality Assurance, The Department of Agriculture and many more…

We look to create powerful connections in your community with your digital health awareness and prevention media.

Click Here For Examples of Active Public Health Websites.

Here Are Examples Of Active Landing Pages From Some Of Our Digital Health Campaigns:

Broward County Tobacco Free Florida Covid-19 For Miami-Dade,
Broward And Palm Beach Counties

FL Department Of Health In Miami-Dade County

Medical Quality Assurance

Miami Tobacco Cessation/Covid19

Learn More About Tracking Your Digital Campaign Results.

At The End Of Every Month We Provide An Updated Report To Our Clients Providing The Amount Of Impressions And The Amount Of Clicks That We Generated For That Month.

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What Are Impressions?

Impressions Are The Amount Of Views Your Ad Or Website Receives For Any Given Period Of Time.

The Amount Of People Who’ve Seen Your Advertisement And Possibly Even Read The Text But Didn’t Follow Through And Click Your Ad To Go To Your Website Are Impressions.

Why Are Impressions Important?

At First Glance Impressions Seem Useless.

If They Didn’t Click The Ad How Was It Impactful?

We Use The Most Impactful Message On Your Ad So That Even If Someone Doesn’t Follow Through At Least You Know You Got Them To Read Your Message.

In Health Promotion Simply Seeing The Ad, IS RAISING AWARENESS ABOUT YOUR MESSAGE.

What Are Ad Clicks?

For Example, Jennifer Is Online Scrolling Through Google, Yahoo Or Bing To Find Her Favorite Blog And She Begins Reading That Blog. There’s A Connection Already Established Between The Blog’s Brand And The Reader. There’s Trust Already Established.

We Place Your Health Promotion Messaging On Those Trusted Blogs And Websites. Not Directly On Google, Yahoo & Bing. This Increases BOTH Impressions And Clicks.

Why Are Clicks Important?

Once They Click The Ad You Know That They Went To Your Landing Page!
This Ensures They Are Viewing More Information & Showed They Are Interested In The Ad Content & Your Message.

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