By Using These Two Simple and Effective Outdoor Advertising Strategies Discussed in This Article You Will Save a Fortune on Your Marketing Plan For Next Year. 2019 and 2020 Are Looking Better By The Minute!


The most beneficial difference between the two strategies mentioned here and a traditional billboard advertisement is that these forms of media will be installed at eye-level for the consumer. This strategy hits many locations as well and a few different media styles at each location. Instead of renting just one location for a giant billboard, we place these at gas stations of all kinds. We can even strategically place them around your competitors stores or where your competitor sells their products.

Using these strategies as a basis for your outdoor marketing campaign will help you reach your target audience where they live and shop daily. Since this is an eye level strategy the consumers who read your media are a very captive audience.

If petrol station ads don’t interest you we also speak about other types of media strategies to save money such as mini billboards which can be installed at a convenience store or another busy storefront. You can find more information about these one sheet posters and other advertising products by clicking here.

Gas Pump Advertising vs. One Sheet Advertising  

There are a couple of places on a gas pump that will work for an official framed pump sign. We find the most effective to be a topper. This is because they are double sided allowing you to post two messages at once or simply get double the coverage. Gas nozzle signs go on the handle of a pump. They are another interesting way to get your message out.

Pump topper gas station

Gas Pump Topper Advertising

Gas pump topper ads require pump topper frames. These frames withstand the outdoor extremities and hold the media you design permanently until removed. The material this is printed on is a one of a kind polyurethane based plastic specifically created to withstand heat and cold temperatures. This keeps your media in pristine during the entire campaign. These generally stay up for up to 12 months before needing to be replaced.

Gas Nozzle Advertising Also Known as Gas Pump Nozzle Advertising

I personally believe this is also effective because as soon as someone puts their hand(s) on the pump they will be captivated by your design and message.