Some of the top HIV and AIDS priorities of the Florida Department of Health include but are not limited to:


  • HIV/AIDS Surveillance

  • HIV/AIDS Education

  • HIV/AIDS Prevention

  • HIV/AIDS Counseling

  • HIV/AIDS Testing

  • HIV/AIDS Care

  • HIV/AIDS Treatment

Florida’s HIV and AIDS problem is getting worse. According to the Director of the CDC, Robert R. Redfield, MD he will be helping to eliminate the problem with prevention awareness messaging and more throughout the most infected counties. 

What Our Company Does in Communities Across Florida to Combat HIV and AIDS, is Making a Large Impact in Our Communities (We are an Approved Florida Vendor): 

All Star Media Solutions inc. is a verified Florida vendor that specializes in outdoor awareness messaging for various Health Department Programs across Florida. 

We have done work on PrEP with outdoor one sheet posters (30″x46″) and gas pump toppers (12″x20″). These are eye level, a common Health Department pick and affordable enough to spread over several counties at a time. We are familiar with the processes of Tallahassee and would love to be a part of Florida’s pro-active plan to battle this epidemic. 



If you send us zip codes that you need locations for, we can cross reference with our location inventory and provide a quote for various amounts of posters or gas pump toppers based on what counties you need to reach and the budget your working with. We are Florida natives so this is important to us. This is right in our backyard.

Health Department Program Directors in Florida give me a call right away to discuss low budget campaign ideas for your program. 

If you are a PIO or Public Information Officer  for the Florida Department of Health please send our website link to your program leaders. 

Together and with a little help from grants, donations and program budgets we can make this work for your county with your topic of choice. 

Call 855-562-9198 and mention Michael Garcia. I am the Director of Community Awareness at All Star Media Solution’s and would love to speak with you about your HIV AIDS program campaign planning.