Shopping Cart Advertising

Local shopping cart advertising, in grocery stores, provides continuous marketing for local business owners throughout a shopper's trip.


Did you know that busy grocery stores can see an average of 20,000 shoppers a week? That provides an enormous opportunity for advertising on a local level!
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shopping cart ads in miamiShopping cart advertising provides local exposure, targeting your potential customers repeatedly. Your message will cut through the noise of the competition. This is a great way to get your message to the public where they live and shop every day. It's a great way to promote your business, organization or brand inside of retail stores and grocery stores in the locations you want to target for your promotional campaign on shopping carts. This is important to display your own campaign messages in a specific radius around cities counties or states you need to reach. This gives you control over the areas you may want to focus your campaign on. This is also a great addition to our gas pump topper advertisements or in combination with some of our other advertising services and adds to an overall brand recognition strategy in the community building trust.

Benefits of Shopping Cart Advertising  

Grocery cart advertising enables small business owners to reap the benefits of large-scale, million-dollar campaigns—at the fraction of the price. So, what exactly is grocery cart advertising?

shopping cart ads 2019The proven technique enables businesses to advertise on shopping carts in grocery stores across the country. Unlike costly, oft-ignored billboard campaigns, cart advertising is simple for small business owners to implement:Partner with a company that specializes in shopping cart advertising. Determine how long you want your ad to run. Decide what content and information to include on the ad. Choose how many stores and carts you want to place the ad on. Not only do cart advertisements demand the attention of shoppers, they can be targeted around demographic and geographic preferences.

grocery store advertisingBusiness owners can tailor messaging around age, gender, average household income, and other factors to ensure that ads are reaching a relevant audience. This increases brand awareness, recognition, and reach. Customized, Targeted, and Affordable Think of grocery cart ads as miniature billboards. Like traditional billboards, grocery cart advertising can be colorful and custom-designed to showcase your business. One of the main differences between billboards versus grocery cart advertising, however, is that consumers actually notice the latter. Ultimately, these ads are several feet from customers during their entire purchasing experience. Whereas consumers may only drive past a billboard once, small business owners can rest assured that consumers are seeing the same grocery cart ad repeatedly. Because the average shopper spends 43 minutes in the grocery store per trip and visits local stores an average of 1.7 times per week, these ads are in front of the average consumer more than 80 times per year.

Advertising on grocery store carts enables companies to produce beautiful, full-color ads that make an impression on a targeted audience. For brands looking to increase long-term brand awareness and recognition, the benefits of grocery cart advertising are for you.