Billboard advertising, newspaper and magazine advertising, one-sheet poster advertising, gas pump advertising, gas station advertising, local shopping cart advertising, Ice Box Media Advertising, station checkout display for counter top advertising, and so many more it would be quite impossible to mention them all.

Outdoor print advertising is a powerful way to reach consumers where they live and shop every day. Eye-level marketing has proven to be one of the most effective forms of print advertising no matter the form.

While billboards might cover one large area, one-sheet posters, at eye-level, will produce many more impressions. Another surprising example that you might not expect are gas pump ads. They are obviously much smaller than a billboard but from the stats gained I believe gas pump ads are more effective than billboards. The reason why I say this is because while the consumer is pumping their gas they are at eye-level with the advertisement.

The reason why we provide the services we do and do not offer billboard rentals or billboard services at all is because there are many other more affordable options. Instead of putting all your eggs in one basket, if you will, I recommend diversifying your campaign like you would with a valuable investment. Buying print advertising media and space can be a daunting task. That’s why we set out on this journey to provide only the most effective print advertisements. We studied, we ran focus groups, we did all sorts of our own analysis as well as followed major recent studies on the matter. We did this before ever setting foot in this industry almost 7 years ago.

All Star Media Solutions Inc. is not your average advertisers printing 8.5″ x 11″ palm cards for pre-schools in town. We are a well established force in the industry. Everything we do is backed by research and data. We want you to get results not waist your money. The strategy and placement of media is everything. Without research and experience it makes it extremely difficult, I would beg to say impossible to create an effective strategy for print adverting. We don’t have the luxuries of tracking impressions through a computer so our research is the backbone to what we do. Social media advertising is still a joke in my mind as a marketer.

Choose us… We have exactly what you need in the print media advertising industry. We provide creative print campaigns with an on staff graphic designer if you need one to help you create a call to action that actually works for your campaign’s media buying needs and more. No expensive online ads or digital ads showing for a matter of seconds at a time.

This is one simple campaign’s strategy example for a supplement brand. Print ad campaign*

This brand needs more dominance and recognition in the local area because their competitor just got contracts for every vitamin shop in town.

Here is what we would do: We would professional print, frame and install your print ads at corner stores, community marts, food marts and gas stations around where your competitors sell their products. (strategic ad placement)

In other words, if you’re selling a supplement or health product, I would focus on placing your media near gyms, health food stores, kava bars (no alcohol), wholefoods markets, the farm store nearby your competitors products and places of business. This is a general example of a print ad strategy campaign. When we plan campaigns we make sure we have multiple strategies for each campaign so that we get the most out of our installation.

What are the most effective forms of local advertising based on All Star Media Solution’s research campaigns, focus groups and studies?

  1. One-sheet poster advertising (30″ x 46″) also known as mini billboards
  2. Gas pump advertising placed above gas pumps
  3. Ice-box media advertising placed on the ice-box’s outside of busy stores
  4. Shopping cart advertising placed in grocery stores
  5. Counter top advertising placed in gas stations at the checkout counter