Self service digital billboards

Self Service Billboards in The Digital Advertising Space, Are These Cheap Advertising Spaces Too Good To Be True? You Guessed It, Pretty Much. 

Recently on Facebook I have been seeing a lot of these self service digital billboard companies claiming to show your digital advertisement for seconds, if that, in an endless cycle of advertisements every few hours in a loop. Along with those Facebook ads come many horror stories of people checking up on their billboards only to wait hours before their advertisement appears and all that waiting for seconds in action. 

Yes, Digital Billboards Work…

Outdoor advertising, commonly referred to as OOH ads, come in many shapes, sizes and forms. Not one advertising professional can authentically guarentee the success of your billboard campaign and be truthful at the same time. No matter what they tell you. 

A Simple Warning About Self Service Digital Ads…

My business, All Star Media Solutions Inc. doesn’t specialize in digital self service billboards because we believe in providing real meaningful campaigns with real value for your project. Our specialities include gas station and convenient  store print media  advertising. This includes but is not limited to one sheet posters (AKA: mini-billboards) which are 30″ x 46″, gas pump toppers which are 12″ x 20″ and places on top of gas pumps and localized shopping cart ads on shopping carts in the areas your looking to impact.

The truth is because every campaign is different so I it is a combination of topic, overall dominance in the market place and competition.