Zion Williamson’s Show Was Cut Short From a Knee to Knee Hit!

As Stated by the New York Post,

“LAS VEGAS — The buzz began before noon local time Friday, well before the first of 10 games tipped off on the opening day of the Las Vegas Summer League.

A hot sun was beating down on the concrete, though it did little to discourage the never-ending line of fans that zigzagged around the Thomas & Mack Center. Most of the sold-out crowd was there for one reason.

The Zion Williamson show was in town.

In a city that advertises shows of all kinds, this was unlike any other — for reasons nobody expected. The game was postponed in the fourth quarter as the Vegas area was rocked by the effects of a 7.1-magnitude earthquake.

In front of a packed house, playing against his former Duke teammate RJ Barrett and the Knicks, Williamson made his pro debut and racked up 11 points and three rebounds in the first half before sitting out the second with a left knee injury. The No. 1 pick took a knee-to-knee hit, and while it was not expected to be serious, according to ESPN, the Pelicans played it safe and held him out for the rest of the game.

After the earthquake cut the game short, Williamson left the arena without speaking to the media. He did not appear to be wearing anything on his left knee.

As Williamson sat on the bench in the second half, chants of “We want Zion” came and went, to no avail. But the 6-foot-7, 285-pound phenom gave the fans a glimpse of what they came for in just over nine minutes of action.

All Williamson had to do was dunk once in the pregame layup line and the place went wild.

The celebrities in attendance ranged from fellow NBA players LeBron James, Anthony Davis, Lonzo Ball, Trae Young and No. 2 pick Ja Morant to Floyd Mayweather.

Williamson got off to a slow start, capped off by an air-balled jumper, but he quickly gained steam. First there were two-handed slams on back-to-back possessions. Then he had a one-handed swat the crowd roared for, making it was too loud to hear the whistle 

Soon after, Williamson wrestled a ball out of Kevin Knox’s hands and took two steps for another dunk that brought the crowd to its feet.

There were more boos when Williamson got fouled in the open court, robbing him of a chance at one of the jaw-dropping dunks that helped him take over the college basketball scene at Duke and rise to the top pick in June’s draft.

A regular dunk just before the buzzer at the end of the first quarter put Williamson at 10 points. He finished with 4-of-9 shooting, including 0-for-2 from beyond the 3-point arc.

While the crowd seemed a bit deflated whenever Williamson was on the bench, it was equally raucous whenever he stood up to walk to the scorer’s table and check in. The next check-in never came, but the roars will be back whenever it does.” 

Outdoor Super Bowl Advertising For Your Business, Movement, Organization or Cause is Available for Three Months Prior to The  2020 Super Bowl In, Across and Around Miami and Will Remain Three Months After The Event. For More Information Call 855-562-9198 or Our Media Department Difectly at 786-681-4650. 

Something Is Wrong With Facebook Today, July 3rd 2019, It’s Not Just You. #instagramdown #whatsappdown

Facebook was hit with a major outage today, July 3rd 2019, as users around the world reported photos not uploading and displaying correctly. The outage also affected Facebook-owned apps such as Instagram and WhatsApp.

If you’ve been seeing blank gray or broken icons in places where photos should be, it’s not just you! 

Starting at around 10am EST (7am PST), users of Facebook and Instagram began reporting that photos weren’t showing up after being uploaded.

Many photos were replaced with broken image icons, but since Facebook includes AI-generated descriptions of photos for the visually impaired, many photos were also replaced with text descriptions.

Downdetector reports that “Pictures” has been the most reported problem, and its outage map shows reports flooding in from all over the world.

Facebook and Instagram soon acknowledged that they were experiencing issues… #instagramdown

The outage has been going on for over three hours so far, at the time of this writing.

“We’re aware that some people are having trouble uploading or sending images, videos and other files on our apps,” Facebook writes.

“We’re sorry for the trouble and are working to get things back to normal as quickly as possible.”

Why Self Service Digital Billboards Are Worthless, I’m Sorry BLIP Billboards…

Self service digital billboards

Self Service Billboards in The Digital Advertising Space, Are These Cheap Advertising Spaces Too Good To Be True? You Guessed It, Pretty Much. 

Recently on Facebook I have been seeing a lot of these self service digital billboard companies claiming to show your digital advertisement for seconds, if that, in an endless cycle of advertisements every few hours in a loop. Along with those Facebook ads come many horror stories of people checking up on their billboards only to wait hours before their advertisement appears and all that waiting for seconds in action. 

Yes, Digital Billboards Work…

Outdoor advertising, commonly referred to as OOH ads, come in many shapes, sizes and forms. Not one advertising professional can authentically guarentee the success of your billboard campaign and be truthful at the same time. No matter what they tell you. 

A Simple Warning About Self Service Digital Ads…

My business, All Star Media Solutions Inc. doesn’t specialize in digital self service billboards because we believe in providing real meaningful campaigns with real value for your project. Our specialities include gas station and convenient  store print media  advertising. This includes but is not limited to one sheet posters (AKA: mini-billboards) which are 30″ x 46″, gas pump toppers which are 12″ x 20″ and places on top of gas pumps and localized shopping cart ads on shopping carts in the areas your looking to impact.

The truth is because every campaign is different so I it is a combination of topic, overall dominance in the market place and competition.  

Florida’s Comprehensive Program For HIV/AIDS Goes Into Overdrive After A Visit From Robert R. Redfield, MD The Current Director of The CDC

Some of the top HIV and AIDS priorities of the Florida Department of Health include but are not limited to:


  • HIV/AIDS Surveillance

  • HIV/AIDS Education

  • HIV/AIDS Prevention

  • HIV/AIDS Counseling

  • HIV/AIDS Testing

  • HIV/AIDS Care

  • HIV/AIDS Treatment

Florida’s HIV and AIDS problem is getting worse. According to the Director of the CDC, Robert R. Redfield, MD he will be helping to eliminate the problem with prevention awareness messaging and more throughout the most infected counties. 

What Our Company Does in Communities Across Florida to Combat HIV and AIDS, is Making a Large Impact in Our Communities (We are an Approved Florida Vendor): 

All Star Media Solutions inc. is a verified Florida vendor that specializes in outdoor awareness messaging for various Health Department Programs across Florida. 

We have done work on PrEP with outdoor one sheet posters (30″x46″) and gas pump toppers (12″x20″). These are eye level, a common Health Department pick and affordable enough to spread over several counties at a time. We are familiar with the processes of Tallahassee and would love to be a part of Florida’s pro-active plan to battle this epidemic. 



If you send us zip codes that you need locations for, we can cross reference with our location inventory and provide a quote for various amounts of posters or gas pump toppers based on what counties you need to reach and the budget your working with. We are Florida natives so this is important to us. This is right in our backyard.

Health Department Program Directors in Florida give me a call right away to discuss low budget campaign ideas for your program. 

If you are a PIO or Public Information Officer  for the Florida Department of Health please send our website link to your program leaders. 

Together and with a little help from grants, donations and program budgets we can make this work for your county with your topic of choice. 

Call 855-562-9198 and mention Michael Garcia. I am the Director of Community Awareness at All Star Media Solution’s and would love to speak with you about your HIV AIDS program campaign planning. 

    Half of A Million Lethal Doses of Fentanyl Were Seized in A Parking Garage of A Broward County Hospital in Pompano Beach Florida

    Over 9 kilograms of drugs were seized! Large quantities that authorities say were enough to kill thousands!

    The epidemic continues…. 

    Opioid bust broward county fentanyl

    Fentanyl bust in Broward County Florida leaves community upset and concerned 

    Florida politicians, health professionals and leaders, over 9 kilograms of fentanyl were found in an SUV in our backyard in Broward County Florida, raking in $2 million in drugs and an estimated 500,000 lethal doses of opioids were seized

    According to Local 10 news in Broward County, “Just over nine kilograms of the drug were located inside a duffel bag under the floor board of the vehicle’s trunk. Detectives from BSO’s Organized Crime Division said the drug bust is part of a joint investigation with the Drug Enforcement Administration into a drug trafficking organization in South Florida. According to BSO, fentanyl is one thousand times stronger than street-level heroin and goes for up to $200 per gram.” It is unknown if the suspects were arrested for selling drugs and/or trafficking drugs.

    I hear a cry for help from our citizens! I will plead for Florida opioid prevention funding and promise to help get the word out about fentanyl and other opioids and opiates that are killing our youth and our communities. I can help you make a difference in your community, County or State and with our outdoor public awareness campaigns. This is what my company specializes in.

    The solution to curbing the problem is education through awareness. Our Florida opioid and opiate prevention plan can easily be integrated with any State, National or County campaign specializing in drug abuse or overall community health and mental wellness.

    We created three affordable outdoor print options to keep the cost of our campaigns down. This isn’t about how fancy our promotions are this is about reaching deep within every community with truthful graphics urging people to stay away from dangerous street drugs.

    1. One Sheet Poster Ads for Fentanyl Abuse (30″x46″)
    2. Gas Pump Advertisements for Fentanyl Awareness (12″ x 20″)
    3. Grocery Cart Awareness Messaging (sizes vary)

    If you are in a leadership position in Florida please hear me out. This is my letter to you…

    My name is Michael Garcia. I’m the community campaign director for All Star Media Solutions Inc. I have some unfortunate news to share. We’re a vendor for the State of Florida and specialize in public outdoor community awareness messaging. 

    What I’m about to share with you is extremely important to the health of all Floridians. Unfortunately we now have a reason to be worried in Broward County. 

    If you haven’t already heard there was a drug bust in Pompano Beach Florida yesterday recovering 9 kilos of pure fentanyl.

    This problem needs to be countered with full-time affordable awareness messaging so that our citizens are fully aware of what’s happening around them and the overdose rates in Florida which are staggering. 

    This is a topic that hits home and we must join efforts to battle the outrageous amount of opiates and opioids flooding our streets.

    I’m willing to do whatever it takes through our two Florida vendor approved businesses, All Star Media Solutions Inc and Proximity Pros LLC to help you get the word out. 

    This is unacceptable and these dealers that were caught were only the ones who were caught.

    We must be vigilant! This is a state of emergency for our youth. 

    In regards to the budget that will be allocated for the next fiscal year on drug abuse awareness messaging, I believe we can urge the federal government to help us tap into even more resources to help educate and prevent this from taking our County out and better yet our state out. We now know the size of a rice grain is enough to kill a grown man. 

    Best Regards,  

    All Star Media Solutions Inc | Community Campaign Public Messaging  | 855-562-9198

    Public Health Announcement Advertisements in Florida Political Advertising Ideas 2019 2020

    Gas Station Advertising With Print Media Can Reduce Your Overall Billboard Costs By Thousands


    By Using These Two Simple and Effective Outdoor Advertising Strategies Discussed in This Article You Will Save a Fortune on Your Marketing Plan For Next Year. 2019 and 2020 Are Looking Better By The Minute!


    The most beneficial difference between the two strategies mentioned here and a traditional billboard advertisement is that these forms of media will be installed at eye-level for the consumer. This strategy hits many locations as well and a few different media styles at each location. Instead of renting just one location for a giant billboard, we place these at gas stations of all kinds. We can even strategically place them around your competitors stores or where your competitor sells their products.

    Using these strategies as a basis for your outdoor marketing campaign will help you reach your target audience where they live and shop daily. Since this is an eye level strategy the consumers who read your media are a very captive audience.

    If petrol station ads don’t interest you we also speak about other types of media strategies to save money such as mini billboards which can be installed at a convenience store or another busy storefront. You can find more information about these one sheet posters and other advertising products by clicking here.

    Gas Pump Advertising vs. One Sheet Advertising  

    There are a couple of places on a gas pump that will work for an official framed pump sign. We find the most effective to be a topper. This is because they are double sided allowing you to post two messages at once or simply get double the coverage. Gas nozzle signs go on the handle of a pump. They are another interesting way to get your message out.

    Pump topper gas station

    Gas Pump Topper Advertising

    Gas pump topper ads require pump topper frames. These frames withstand the outdoor extremities and hold the media you design permanently until removed. The material this is printed on is a one of a kind polyurethane based plastic specifically created to withstand heat and cold temperatures. This keeps your media in pristine during the entire campaign. These generally stay up for up to 12 months before needing to be replaced.

    Gas Nozzle Advertising Also Known as Gas Pump Nozzle Advertising

    I personally believe this is also effective because as soon as someone puts their hand(s) on the pump they will be captivated by your design and message.


    What Are Various Types of Unique Local Advertising?


    Billboard advertising, newspaper and magazine advertising, one-sheet poster advertising, gas pump advertising, gas station advertising, local shopping cart advertising, Ice Box Media Advertising, station checkout display for counter top advertising, and so many more it would be quite impossible to mention them all.

    Outdoor print advertising is a powerful way to reach consumers where they live and shop every day. Eye-level marketing has proven to be one of the most effective forms of print advertising no matter the form.

    While billboards might cover one large area, one-sheet posters, at eye-level, will produce many more impressions. Another surprising example that you might not expect are gas pump ads. They are obviously much smaller than a billboard but from the stats gained I believe gas pump ads are more effective than billboards. The reason why I say this is because while the consumer is pumping their gas they are at eye-level with the advertisement.

    The reason why we provide the services we do and do not offer billboard rentals or billboard services at all is because there are many other more affordable options. Instead of putting all your eggs in one basket, if you will, I recommend diversifying your campaign like you would with a valuable investment. Buying print advertising media and space can be a daunting task. That’s why we set out on this journey to provide only the most effective print advertisements. We studied, we ran focus groups, we did all sorts of our own analysis as well as followed major recent studies on the matter. We did this before ever setting foot in this industry almost 7 years ago.

    All Star Media Solutions Inc. is not your average advertisers printing 8.5″ x 11″ palm cards for pre-schools in town. We are a well established force in the industry. Everything we do is backed by research and data. We want you to get results not waist your money. The strategy and placement of media is everything. Without research and experience it makes it extremely difficult, I would beg to say impossible to create an effective strategy for print adverting. We don’t have the luxuries of tracking impressions through a computer so our research is the backbone to what we do. Social media advertising is still a joke in my mind as a marketer.

    Choose us… We have exactly what you need in the print media advertising industry. We provide creative print campaigns with an on staff graphic designer if you need one to help you create a call to action that actually works for your campaign’s media buying needs and more. No expensive online ads or digital ads showing for a matter of seconds at a time.

    This is one simple campaign’s strategy example for a supplement brand. Print ad campaign*

    This brand needs more dominance and recognition in the local area because their competitor just got contracts for every vitamin shop in town.

    Here is what we would do: We would professional print, frame and install your print ads at corner stores, community marts, food marts and gas stations around where your competitors sell their products. (strategic ad placement)

    In other words, if you’re selling a supplement or health product, I would focus on placing your media near gyms, health food stores, kava bars (no alcohol), wholefoods markets, the farm store nearby your competitors products and places of business. This is a general example of a print ad strategy campaign. When we plan campaigns we make sure we have multiple strategies for each campaign so that we get the most out of our installation.

    What are the most effective forms of local advertising based on All Star Media Solution’s research campaigns, focus groups and studies?

    1. One-sheet poster advertising (30″ x 46″) also known as mini billboards
    2. Gas pump advertising placed above gas pumps
    3. Ice-box media advertising placed on the ice-box’s outside of busy stores
    4. Shopping cart advertising placed in grocery stores
    5. Counter top advertising placed in gas stations at the checkout counter

    Affordable Advertising Ideas Every Organization Should Be Aware Exist

    Before you pay thousands of dollars for online advertising read this! You can start your print media campaign today for a fraction of the cost it takes to dial in Google Adwords to get real results. We have worked on many health marketing campaigns and helped serious business owners get their message to the public across the Country. Allstaronesheets.com will professionally print, frame and install your print media in any zip code, county, region or state. 


    Framed One-Sheet Poster Advertising 30″ x 46″

    Poster Example:

    Sometimes our clients call our one-sheet advertising Mini-Billboard advertising. We install these to promote community health messaging or any other campaign we are working on with what we call eye-level and eye-catching C store Advertising. C-store ads stand for corner store or convenience store advertising and the reason why we choose these types of locations is because of the amount of heavy foot traffic and exposure our ads receive at these locations 24/7. Convenience store ads are an amazing way to reach the public or a specific consumer based on geographical location.

    Use your call-to-action messaging on large 30″ x 46″ posters and we will install them at corner stores, grocery stores, food marts, gas stations, deli’s and more!

    Framed Gas Pump Topper Advertising 12″ x 20″

    Pump Topper Ad Example:


    Gas Station Pump Toppers are also a very cost-effective way to raise brand awareness, promote brand messaging and brand dominance on a local, regional or even a national level depending on the size of your campaign. Toppers which are a 12″ x 20″ sized poster with your message installed directly above gas pumps across any given number of zip codes. Put your message in front of thousands every single day at every single location! Directly in eye view of our pump toppers. While consumers pump their gas we market directly to them. This goes on 24/7 as well!

    Use your call-to-action messaging inside of our 12″ x 20″ gas pump topper frames and we will install them at gas stations. Placing them directly above gas pumps in any and every multitude of zip codes, cities, states or regions. We professionally print and install these gas toppers and one-sheet posters. Campaigns ranging from 3 months to 6 months and up to 12 months. Call today for more information. 855-562-9198.

    To add a side note we are more affordable and more cost-effective than our two largest competitors online which are Allover Media and Blue Line Media. We constantly compete and match and will even beat entire campaign prices because we know that you will return a repeat customer.

    The best advertising that any small business owner can do is without a doubt advertising that actually works. From product launch campaigns to essential services. Products and services benefit tremendously building dominance and brand awareness for their services and/or products on a zip code by zip code basis kn certain circumstances.

    Some of the cities we have worked in across Florida are:
    (but not limited too)

    • Miami, Florida
    • Fort Lauderdale, Florida
    • West Palm Beach, Florida
    • Port Saint Lucie, Florida
    • North Palm Beach, Florida
    • Orlando, Florida
    • Jacksonville, Florida
    • Tallahassee, Florida
    • Gainesville, Florida
    • Winter Park, Florida
    • Seminole County, Florida
    • And so many more campaigns in Florida alone.


    If you would like to speak with a gas station advertising professional one on one about your specific campaign ideas or needs schedule a call at the following link at your earliest convenience:


    For immediate communication please call 855-562-9198.